I am in favour of greater professional leadership towards universal access. I have worked on this and I will continue to do so with all my energy.

My mandate objectives are linked to those in the IFLA strategic plan, on which I have worked during the last three months. During the coming years I will personally lead the following objectives:


Libraries in Society. Transforming attitudes and perceptions.

  • Launch a communication campaign to show the value of libraries and change the attitudes of politicians, sponsors and the community.

Libraries in the UNs’ Development Agenda post-2015

  • Work with libraries and our partners to raise awareness of the responsibility of the role libraries play in the Sustainable Development Agenda
  • Measure the progress in access to information and its impact on the Sustainable Development Objectives by applying indicators
  • Work with libraries on a campaign for their inclusion in the National Development Plans

International Promotion Programme

  • Evaluate the success of our programmes until now and develop an International Promotion Programme, creating a framework of favourable policies and promotional capacities in the library management and documentation fields

Growing leadership

  • Integrate teaching materials from our International Leaders Programme into a series of resources directed towards librarians and information professionals
  • Design and apply a new cohort in the International Leaders Programme for the 2016-2018 period
  • Offer participants in our International Leaders Programme learning and development opportunities continuously

Strong library associations

  • Complete the Building Strong Library Associations Programme (BSLA), strengthening its sustainability

Greater continental presence

  • Strengthen our continental presence and our leadership by participating in Key Initiatives and other activities

Greater participation in public libraries

  • Increase public libraries and librarians’ participation in IFLA