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Release of the e-book “Librarians: Gears of the Motors for Change”

I am very proud to present the e-book “Librarians: Gears of the Motors for Change”, in which we have compiled all the presentations and participants’ inputs, as well as some of my own reflections that came out of this year’s WLIC President-Elect session in Columbus, Ohio. Thanks again for all your support and I hope you enjoy…


Advocating for change in library copyright laws at EU Code Week

To mark EU Code Week 2016, and in anticipation of the Commission’s ‘New Skills Agenda for Europe’, Public Libraries 2020 hosted “Generation Code: Born at the Library” at the European Parliament in Brussels last week 18th-19th October. I was delighted to attend this interactive exhibition, which demonstrated how Europe’s public libraries are meeting the digital age, and which offered…

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