WLIC 2016


The President-Elect Session WLIC 2016 was a complete success!

I am delighted to be writing this post only a few weeks after the absolute success that was the President-Elect Session at the WLIC 2016. Not only was there an incredible turn out and wonderful presentations by the guest keynote speakers, but also the session reflected a much-needed, innovative approach to debating how our professional…


Globalization and Libraries

And lastly, in our series of posts introducing guest keynote speakers at the President-Elect Session WLIC 2016 – Librarians: The Gears of the Motors for Change, we would like to present Gerard Leitner, IFLA Secretary General, Netherlands. Gerald Leitner is IFLA Secretary General. He was CEO of the Austrian library association and President of EBLIDA. He…


Empowering Librarians for Change

Presenting another guest keynote speaker at the President-Elect Session at WLIC 2016: Ngian Lek Choh, IFLA Governing Board Member and member of the National Library Board of Singapore. Ngian is Consultant, National Library Board (NLB) of Singapore, Chairman of Cybrarian Ventures Private Limited, NLB’s wholly owned private company, and IFLA Governing Board member.   She has worked in NLB’s public…