Spanish Presidency of the IFLA and FESABID cluster

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Presentación Clúster FESABID

Last August, FESABID’s president was chosen as President Elect of the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA). The Spanish presidency of the IFLA could be a massive boost for the Information and Documentation Sector in Spain. Taking advantage of this favourable situation, FESABID is going to initiate different strategies in order to better position and improve the situation of institutions, organisations and professionals from our country’s Information and Documentation sector.

One of the initiatives outlined by the Federation is the creation of the FESABID Cluster. The Cluster will be made up of a group of organisations that carry out their professional activity in the Information and Documentation sector in Spain, grouped under the FESABID umbrella.

This project aims to be transforming both for FESABID and our professional sector. With it, FESABID will embrace all Information and Documentation professionals, whether they develop their activity in the public or private sectors; and will support our business network and its professionals.

There appears to be a dichotomy between professionals who carry out their jobs in libraries, archives or documentation centres, and those who work for companies that offer consultancy, products, services and solutions in response to their peers’ needs. One of FESABID’s aims and challenges over the next few years will be to work hard to ensure that our professional group becomes aware of the reality of this collaborative effort in order to offer society the best possible service.

In turn, this initiative will allow companies and other organisations to participate in the Cluster, create synergies and defend their interests with one single voice, and through FESABID. This is an initiative recognised by the Spanish Public Administration, the European Union and various international organisations, and a mouthpiece for Information and Documentation professionals in Spain. In addition, FESABID and the IFLA Spanish Presidency will strengthen the international presence of the Cluster at national and international levels.


At national level:

  • In the Spanish Public Administration: FESABID will represent the Cluster and defend its interests in the different bodies of the Administration and in which the Federation is represented, and will work on finding meeting points between both. FESABID will continue its effort so that society and its managers recognise the value that the professional group brings and the return of investment generated.
  • At the Spanish Conference on Documentation: Through the collaborative design of a new Conference model, in which the presence of companies will be underscored, the return on investment for the collaborating organisations will increase and in which all information professionals will feel represented.
  • Through FESABID’s channels: information on the Cluster and its members will be published on FESABID’s website, social media channels and on the IFLA’s President Elect website.
  • Via a FESABID Innovation Conference: Fesabid will organise the 1st Innovation Conference in October, a conference in which companies and other organisations from the sector can present new services, products and case studies. The Conference will be held once a year.


At international level:

Through FESABID and IFLA’s President Elect, the Cluster will strengthen the international position of its professionals and companies, especially in Latin America where the sector is emerging and opportunities for our country’s talent and experience are growing:


  • Before the European Administration and other international bodies: FESABID can represent the business network of the Information and Documentation Sector grouped together in the Cluster in the European Union through government authorities from the following European and international associations: IFLA (and the Hispanic Caucus of the IFLA), EBLIDA and ICA.
  • At international events: in librarianship, cultural and educational matters at FESABID’s proposal.
  • Promoting the Spanish candidacy of the IFLA World library and Information Congress (WLIC): This is the IFLA Conference held every year in a different city around the world. If it receives the support of the Cluster and central government, Spain could stand as a candidate for the World Library and Information Congress in 2019. This event brings together between 3,000 and 4,000 people during eight days.
  • Organising IFLA’s President’s Meeting in Spain: It is an international congress that lasts two days and during which the strategy promoted in the President’s mandate programme is worked on. Generally, it is held at the institution that the President belongs to alongside other institutions from the sector. It receives 300 to 500 assistants from the library sector, both high-level professionals and politicians. Two will be held during Glòria Pérez-Salmerón’s Presidency, in 2018 and 2019. It is likely that one will be held in Latin America and another in Spain.
  • Through participating in international projects: FESABID can recommend organisations from the Cluster to participate in international grants and projects and at the same time implement projects in Spain for the Cluster to participate in. Through FESABID, concrete proposals could be drafted, which offer added value both for the Federation and organisations in the Cluster.






Other benefits that FESABID can offer the Cluster:

  • Receive advance information on national and international activities and events.
  • FESABID can create reports and studies on specific areas of interest for the Cluster’s organisations.
  • The Cluster’s organisations will receive favourable terms during the Spanish Conference on Documentation.
  • Cluster members will be able to include adverts in FESABID’s publications: studies, reports, etc.
  • FESABID’S President and IFLA’s President Elect will be able to participate as ambassador in meetings and events held by the Cluster’s organisations.



For FESABID, being a mouthpiece for the sector’s companies signifies an important step forward in the path to becoming a representative of the ENTIRE professional group.


Read PDF: Spanish Presidency IFLA and Cluster FESABID

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