OCLC, WLIC 2016’s Diamond Sponsor is now a Platinum Member of the FESABID Cluster

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On the 14th of August, I had the honour of opening the commercial exhibition at the IFLA WLIC 2016, IFLA’s annual Congress, which was held in Columbus, Ohio this year, and which included 100m2 of commercial space and 86 exhibitor stands.

These exhibitors, are representatives from the industry’s suppliers of library services on regional and international level: information management, editors, database products, distributers and booksellers, and other library service providers, all participated in the IFLA Congress in Columbus.

During the opening and the days of the Congress, I had the opportunity to meet and get to know, one by one, the different organisations represented at the exhibition, in which two other companies from the FESABID Cluster also participated: Nedap Library Solutions and Proquest.

Various delegates working in the European area, showed interest in the Cluster project including WLIC’s 2016 Diamond Sponsor OCLC, who recently confirmed its participation in the Cluster as a Platinum Member.

OCLC is an international cooperative library service that provides shared technological services, original research and community projects to its members and the library community in general.

Its global vision and extensive experience will no doubt enrich the FESABID Cluster’s actions and debates. Welcome!

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