Copyright: working on exceptions and limitations

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IFLA continues to work on the exceptions and limitations of author rights in libraries, documentation centres and archives.

The Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights in its thirty-second session (SCCR/32), have discussed extensively the exceptions and limitations of copyright at international level and have prepared reports for IFLA and other members.

Since 2014, IFLA recognises as a specific goal, the need to achieve a treaty on exceptions and limitations for libraries and archives, and to this end works closely with the SCCR and the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

The treaty on E and L (exceptions and limitations) ensures public service in libraries and archives and access to information, as well as recognising the legitimate interest of all parties.

To learn more about the situation regarding libraries and copyright, I would like to recommend you read an article I published on the subject in the annual ThinkEPI.

Pérez-Salmerón, Glòria. “Las bibliotecas y su necesidad de protección ante los derechos de autor“. Anuario ThinkEPI, 2014, v. 8, pp.126-131.

Please read the open article here.



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